The Other Side of Life: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Death by Susan D Kalior

The Other Side of Life: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Death

Book Title: The Other Side of Life: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Death

Publisher: Blue Wing Publications, Workshops, and Lectures

ISBN: 0979566355

Author: Susan D Kalior

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Susan D Kalior with The Other Side of Life: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Death

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Enter dream worlds, spirit worlds, and worlds beyond earth in the continuing adventure of a woman and her sage, known as the Fool on the Hill, in book two of the 'Other Side' series. This story, rich in psychological and metaphysical insights, is also designed to catalyze readers to explore their own expansive beings. Jump into life's mysteries and adventure beyond the boundaries of the mundane. Come to the Wall of Remembrance and talk to the dead. Enter the realms of angels, spirits, and ghosts. Time travel into multiple realities and multiple selves. Dance across the meridians of time and space, traversing diverse inner worlds, and parallel other worlds. Explore the world of A Thousand Me's, Counterbalance, and Compression, and the world where memory comes before the event, and where music lives before it becomes music. This captivating and enlightening story weaves various realities into a masterpiece of understanding that uplifts the human spirit, dissolving the shackles of fear, guilt, and regret. This manuscript is a gem for mystical adventurers or for those seeking personal healing or quantum life change.


'Life rolls along, it seems, throwing punches and presenting prizes, often when we least expect it. A fire combusts in our backyard or a heart-warming package arrives at our doorstep. Our child dies in an accident or we are pregnant at long last. We are diagnosed with cancer or a loved one survives impossible circumstances.

The seeming randomness of such events might be perceived as unfair or lucky. Or the seeming deliberation of fate exacting these occurrences might be seen as punishment or reward. Or the finality of such happenings might be interpreted as a forsaking of, or a miracle of--God.

'No matter which way the positive and negative events in our lives are viewed, we are often left with a sense that we are at life's mercy. Even if we do everything in our power to control our environment and the people around us, so that `bad things' can't happen--the yard can still burst into flames, the child can still die, and we can still be diagnosed with cancer.

'This helpless feeling often generates anxiety and depression. It can fuel obsessive compulsions, neurosis, hysteria, paranoia, agoraphobia, and emotional paralysis. In an effort to quell the uneasiness, people often become excessive in their behavior and develop addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, television, virtual reality games, chronic exercise, or even work. They might become spend thrifts or misers, overeat or under eat. To guard vulnerability, people might chronically lie, cheat, brag, deny, complain, or blame.

'But what if our life events were not random or the result of punishment or reward, betrayal or miracle? What if there was rhyme and reason for every single event in our lives? The yard catching fire might be about instilling caution to avoid a future fire that would be far worse. Our child dying might be about a new adventure for her while gifting us with a needed set-up to fulfill our current life intent. A cancer diagnosis might be about triggering a sequence of events whereupon we must value ourselves enough to extract hidden inner strength, setting us on course to fulfill our life intent.

'And if we were able to step back and back and back from these challenging scenes, we would witness how every occurrence was relevant to the unfolding of our story.